Baja Hoodie Drug Rugs

The trend of the baja hoodie drug rugs is sweeping the nation with websites like and leading the pack, you can find more colors and sizes online than ever before.
black eye pea baja hoodie drug rug
The drug rug hoodie is unique and many high end designers are starting to copy this style and charge over $1,000 dollars for one! That is crazy, lets stick to the high quality bajas from Mexican Threads that ship for free and are made from recycled shirts.

If you want higher end baja hoodies without paying a fortune, you gotta hit up HIPPIES.COM.
plain white baja hoodie drug rug

Mexican Baja Hoodies

You might not have ever known their name, but Mexican baja hoodies are the hoodies that look like Mexican ponchos but have sleeves and a hood. They are always striped except for when they are a solid color. Bajas have the kangaroo pouch/pocket in the front. Some people call them drug rugs or hippie hoodies but those are just slang terms. Not everyone that wears them is a hippie or druggy.

Just in case you still don’t know what they are here are some pictures of baja jackets so you can tell. They are pretty much all unisex but there are some colors that are for women like the ones that are mostly pink or purple.

colorful mexican baja hoodiemexican baja hoodiecolorful mexican baja hoodie